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Elks Range 13er Trailheads // Colorado 13ers

Trailhead Name Elevation Camping Vehicle Access Accessible Peaks
Capitol Creek TH 9,400' No nocamping High Clearance2037279 Mount Daly
Castle Ck./Castle Pk. 10,200' camping-yes High Clearance2037279  Castleabra    Pearl Mountain    Malamute Peak    Oyster Peak/UN 13312 B
Cathedral Lake Trailhead 9,910' camping-yes Passenger Car2037278 Cathedral Peak    Electric Pass Peak
Cement Creek - Italian Mtn TH 10,780' camping-yes 4x4 (Only)2037277 Italian Mountain
Crystal Townsite 8,965' camping-yes 4x4 (Only)2037277 Treasure Mountain    Treasury Mountain
East Fork (Crystal River) TH 10,425' camping-yes High Clearance2037279 UN 13062 A
Geneva Lake TH #1973 9,685' camping-yes 4x4 (Only)2037277 Hagerman Peak    Siberia Peak
Lake Irwin TH 10,610' camping-yes High Clearance2037279 Mount Owen
Maroon Lake TH 9,600' camping-yes Passenger Car2037278 Thunder Pyramid    Lightning Pyramid    UN13631 B    Sleeping Sexton    Buckskin Benchmark    UN 13336    UN 13039    UN 13020 A
Paradise Pass/Yule Pass TH 11,330' camping-yes Passenger Car2037278
Pearl Pass/Twin Lakes Access 10,425' camping-yes High Clearance2037279 UN 13550    UN 13537    Keefe Peak    Hunter Peak    Hilliard Peak    Triangle Peak    UN 13216    Teocalli Mountain    UN 13162 B
Rainbow Lake TH 11,060' camping-yes Passenger Car2037278 West Elk Peak
Rustler Gulch 9,716' camping-yes Passenger Car2037278 Precarious Peak    Golden Tops    Belleview Mountain    Cassi Peak    UN 13180 A    UN 13130
Snowmass Creek TH 8,400' camping-yes Passenger Car2037278 Clark Peak    UN 13244    Willoughby Mountain    UN 13060 A
Taylor River TH 10,780' camping-yes Passenger Car2037278 Star Peak    Taylor Peak A
West Brush Creek TH - Elk Mtns. 10,085' camping-yes 4x4 (Only)2037277 White Rock Mountain    White Benchmark    Teocalli Mountain
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