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Sangre de Cristo Range 13er Trailheads // Colorado 13ers

Trailhead Name Elevation Camping Vehicle Access Accessible Peaks
Alvarado Campground TH 9,060' camping-yes Passenger Car2037278 Venable Peak    Comanche Peak    Spring Mountain
Blue Lakes Trailhead - Trinchera/Cuatro 10,550' camping-yes Passenger Car2037278 Drift Peak    Trinchera Peak    Cuatro Peak    Leaning South Peak
Brook Creek Trailhead - SdC 9,140' camping-yes 4x4 (Only)2037277 Bushnell Peak    Twin Sisters, North
Cotton Creek 8,600' camping-yes Not Provided
Culebra Peak Access - Cielo Vista 9,100' No nocamping Passenger Car2037278 Red Mountain    Vermejo Peak    Purgatoire Peak    UN 13565    Miranda Peak     Alamosito    De Anza B    UN 13229    Beaubien Peak    Francisco Peak    Lomo Liso Mountain
Ducket Creek 8,740' camping-yes Passenger Car2037278
Gibson Creek TH 9,130' No nocamping Passenger Car2037278 Electric Peak A    Gibbs Peak    Silver Peak    Cotton King Peak    Mount Marcy    De Anza Peak A
Hermit Pass Road 11,970' camping-yes 4x4 (Only)2037277 Rito Alto Peak    Peak of the Clouds    Eureka Mountain    Spread Eagle Peak    Hermit Peak    UN 13122    UN13062 B/"Alto Peak"    UN 13060 B    "Pyramid Mountain"    UN 13028
Horn Peaks and Fluted TH 9,100' camping-yes Passenger Car2037278 Mount Adams    Colony Baldy    Fluted Peak    Horn Peak    Little Horn Peak
Lily Lake/Huerfano Creek TH 10,725' camping-yes High Clearance2037279 California Peak    Huerfano Peak     Huerfanito
Medano Lake Trailhead 9,685' camping-yes 4x4 (Only)2037277 Mount Herard    Medano Peak
Mt. Maxwell Trailhead 11,730' camping-yes 4x4 (Only)2037277 Mariquita Peak    Mount Maxwell
Music Pass 10,680' camping-yes 4x4 (Only)2037277 Pico Aislado    Tijeras Peak    Milwaukee Peak    Cleveland Peak    UN 13401    UN 13384    Music Mountain    Marble Mountain    Dead Man Peak
S. Rock Creek - SdC 9,700' camping-yes 4x4 (Only)2037277 Hunts Peak
Silver Lake - Cloverdale Basin 11,300' camping-yes 4x4 (Only)2037277 Cottonwood Peak    Lakes Peak    Eagle Peak    UN 13123 B
South Colony TH 9,900' camping-yes High Clearance2037279 Columbia Point    Obstruction Peak    Broken Hand Peak     Crestolita    UN 13020 B
South Zapata Creek 9,075' camping-yes Passenger Car2037278 UN 13660 A    Twin Peaks A    UN 13577
West Spanish Peak TH 11,250' camping-yes Passenger Car2037278 West Spanish Peak
Wild Cherry Creek 8,450' camping-yes Passenger Car2037278 Mount Owen
Willow Lake Trail 8,880' camping-yes High Clearance2037279 UN 13580 B    UN 13546    UN 13541    UN 13153 B
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